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Amnesia announces first names for world-renowned closing party

Amnesia announces first names for world-renowned closing party

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The initial lineup of artists includes Charlotte de Witte, Deborah De Luca, Joseph Capriati, Jamie Jones, Enrico Sangiuliano, and Nina Kraviz.

The renowned Amnesia Closing Party in Ibiza is an exceptionally grand and unforgettable event. Every year, it creates special memories and sets new standards for keeping dancers energized during the long winter months. The upcoming closing party on Saturday, October 14th promises to surpass expectations with an impressive lineup of internationally acclaimed artists.

The first to soundtrack the final act of another long and historic summer season is a diverse and perfectly balanced 50/50 gender split, featuring Charlotte de Witte, Deborah De Luca, Enrico Sangiuliano, Jamie Jones B2b Joseph Capriati and Nina Kraviz with many more names to come. Get your tickets now for this landmark party at and get lost in the music as you dance for the last time with Amnesia this season.

Amnesia has once again delivered an unforgettable summer of events. The renowned venue pushed boundaries with exceptional line-ups, featuring remarkable parties, exclusive performances, and revered artists such as Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Bonobo, and Caribou. Pyramid, Paradise, Metamorfosi, Amnesia Presents, and HE.SHE.THEY. were just a few of the sensational experiences offered. And the excitement continues with upcoming Pyramid nights that promise to be truly remarkable.

Don’t miss the last opportunity to enter a musical paradise and dance away your worries this summer. The weather is ideal, the club is buzzing with familiar and new faces, attracting both tourists and residents. The sound system will be flawless, and the Terrace, with its glass ceiling, offers the perfect spot to witness the season’s final breathtaking sunrise. Jamie Jones provided the unforgettable soundtrack for this momentous occasion last year, leaving a lasting impression even after the music fades away.

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Prominent characters and influential DJs of the season return, featuring Charlotte De Witte with her unyielding techno, Deborah De Luca presenting a distinctive blend of hard and minimal sounds, Enrico Sangiuliano showcasing his signature style, an anticipated collaborative set from Jamie Jones B2b Joseph Capriati, and beloved Amnesia artist Nina Kraviz. This marks the completion of phase one, with more to come.

This is the only way to say goodbye to the season and it always sells out. Make sure you are part of the final chapter by getting your tickets now at

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