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The Best Food for Festivals – 20+ Great Eats

The Best Food for Festivals – 20+ Great Eats

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Are you trying to find the best food to take to festivals? I have been researching this for years, so let me show you what I take and what I can recommend. Here is the best food you can prep in advance to take to festivals this year.

Your festival choices should be made up of anything that is light, cheap, and can be eaten without cooking, or cooked if you have a camping stove, we cover some of those below!

Some festivals such as Glastonbury will have an impression food stall selection (check out our list here). However, some will not have exactly everything you are after, or you just want to save some money!

Best food to bring to festivals

No doubt you will save money by taking your own food to a festival and pretty much every festival will let you bring your own food in (some day festivals won’t!). If you are taking your own food to a festival, here is what I recommend you bring.


  1. Healthiest festival food options
  2. Somewhat healthy festival food options
  3. Comfort festival food options
  4. Glamping festival food options
  5. The complete list

Healthiest festival food options

We are starting with the healthy options for our best festival food list. These won’t let you down.

Easy Peelers

You just can’t beat an easy peeler. You can eat them anywhere at any time!


There are many great cereal choices to keep hunger at bay. A few that I would recommend that have worked for me in the past:

Weetabix Crispy Minis as you can eat them straight out of the box and with a bit of milk this is a great choice. 

I’d also recommend some granola such as the Mindful Chef Pecan, Coconut, and Chia. Again add a bit of milk and you have a great breakfast.

As for milk, I can’t recommend some Oatly Oat Drink. Always pops if you ask me.

Dried fruit

Another great option if you are keen on getting your 5-a-day in. Also a great addition to some Yogurt or Couscous that we mention below! We have to recommend the Whitworths Juicy Large Prunes.


Although we might be getting on the heavier end of the spectrum here, but a decent Yogurt or Yogurt drink is a great addition to your festival food list. Definitely helps with digestion and keeps you running throughout the festival.


Perhaps a slightly rogue addition. But couscous is cheap, light, easy to make, and pretty healthy! Especially if you add in some of the dried fruit we mentioned above!

Somewhat healthy festival food options

Here are some of the best festival foods that are somewhat healthy!

Cereal Bars

These are great on the go as they are super easy to carry around the festival with you. Or keep them at your campsite for a cereal bar breakfast buffet…

We have to recommend the Nature Value Crunch Bariet Pack as the best bang for your buck here.

Energy Bars

Similar to the Cereal Bars above, these are great if you need some energy on the go, or want to recharge before another day of festival fun! We would recommend the SiS Go Energy Bars.


Another easy-to-carry option, full of fats and pretty filling! We’d recommend a big bag of mixed nuts to keep you full on protein during the festival.


Easy to make at home and similar to cereal bars they transport well! Definitely would recommend it if you fancy making some of just buying some Flapjack  Bites.


Another great festival food to keep in your bag for a nice energy boost throughout the day. This is full of protein and there are great vegan options available too!

We would recommend the classic Kings BBQ Beef Jerky for the meat lovers, and for the vegans, we would recommend the Plant PWER Jerky Strips.

Malt Loaf

This is one of my personal favorite options. I cannot recommend enough the Soreen Lunchbox Loaves.

Comfort festival food options

It doesn’t all have to be healthy right! Sometimes the best festival food is the easiest, tasty treats.


Sometimes you just can’t beat a slice or two of cheese in between two bits of bread…


This is what we all came for, some easy-to-eat bags of sweets. Things like your classic Fruit Pastilles or Fruit Gums, to the vegan-friendly Candy Kittens.

Bread rolls

You need some bread for that cheese right?

See Also


We all know how great crisps are, not sure there is much else for me to say here.

Chocolate Bars

These can be risky in hot conditions, but let’s face it, it’s probably going to rain. A chocolate bar or two can definitely cheer you up during your festival experience. My personal pick is a simple bar of Dairy Milk or two…


Same story here, take your favorite biscuits with you and hopefully you can find a cup of tea to dunk them in!

Glamping festival food options

Some of us are lucky enough to have a camping stove. These options are for you if you are feeling like you need some of the best warm, cooked festival food!

If you are looking for a camping stove, we can’t recommend the Portable Camping Gas Cooker Stove enough.


You can’t go wrong with some fried sausages or even a sausage sandwich. For the vegans, I would recommend the Richmond Meat Free Sausages.


Similar to the sausage situation, if you have a camping stove, and some bread rolls, make yourself a bacon butty. If you are vegan I can definitely recommend the Richmond Meat Free Rashers.


Pair these with the sausage and bacon and you are starting to have what looks like a gourmet breakfast…


For me, this is a must-have. If you are a coffee drinker and have a camping stove it has to be done.

Pot Noodles

An absolute staple if you are able to boil water. Get yourself some Kings Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodles and don’t look back.

The complete list

  1. Easy Peelers
  2. Cereal
  3. Dried fruit
  4. Yogurt
  5. Couscous
  6. Cereal Bars
  7. Energy Bars
  8. Nuts
  9. Flapjacks
  10. Jerky
  11. Malt Loaf
  12. Cheese
  13. Sweets
  14. Bread rolls
  15. Crisps
  16. Chocolate Bars
  17. Biscuits
  18. Sausages
  19. Beans
  20. Coffee
  21. Bacon
  22. Pot Noodles

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