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Boomtown 2024 tickets go on sale tonight

Boomtown 2024 tickets go on sale tonight

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Boomtown Festival, the UK’s biggest immersive music festival, is excited to announce the launch of general tickets for its highly anticipated 2024 edition, “Chapter Three: Revolution of Imagination.” Already making waves, a remarkable 25% of tickets were snapped up during the exclusive pre-sale event held in August.

As anticipation builds for this unparalleled event, festival-goers are invited to secure their Phase One “Green Transport Citizenship” tickets, starting at just £280. These discounted tickets are exclusively available to those who choose to journey to the festival via public transport, aligning with Boomtown’s ongoing commitment to eco-conscious practices. For more information or to buy tickets, head to the official Boomtown website.

Boomtown Festival, known for its exceptional production standards and renowned fictional universe, is taking its storytelling to new heights in 2024. The theme “Chapter Three: Revolution of Imagination” embraces the profound influence of imagination, focusing on sustainability and environmental awareness.

The festival’s organizing team contemplates the importance of their theme. Inspired by activist and writer Rob Hopkins’ talk at Boomtown HQ last year, they recognize the power of envisioning a better future. They aim to bring this imagined future to life through the immersive Town they create. With 66,000 attendees, they will collectively build and share a brighter future. Exciting details about the storyline, musical lineup, and production will be revealed as the year progresses.

Boomtown has already shown its dedication to sustainability through innovative endeavors like discounted entry tickets for those using public transportation. The festival also offers various on-site initiatives that motivate attendees to adopt eco-conscious practices, both during the event and in their everyday routines. By 2024, Boomtown plans to utilize immersive storytelling to further encourage attendees to reevaluate their connection with the environment.

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The Boomtown Festival is made up of nine unique districts, each with its own theme, streets, buildings, and lively “residents.” It guarantees an unforgettable experience for everyone. Tickets for the 2024 edition will go on sale at 7 pm BST on Wednesday, October 11th.

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Come and be part of the extraordinary experience at Boomtown Festival 2024, where we’ll take you on a groundbreaking adventure of creativity, eco-consciousness, and unparalleled music!

For more information or to buy tickets, head to the official Boomtown website.

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