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Catch Your Super-Early-Bird Maui Waui Ticket Now!

Catch Your Super-Early-Bird Maui Waui Ticket Now!

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The first tickets for Maui Waui Festival 2024 have gone on sale.

Set in the idyllic countryside of Norfolk, mark your calendars for the extraordinary independent festival happening from August 25-27. Prepare for an exceptional music roster and a plethora of thrilling activities that never fail to impress.

The festival organisers took to Facebook to announce the upcoming edition and expressed gratitude to all those who contributed to its success over the past decade.

“Unbelievably, it has been a decade since Maui Waui first opened its enchanting doors, a milestone that I never thought I would witness. We were completely unaware of the immense impact it would have! These past six weeks have allowed the dust to settle, enabling me to reflect and write this post with genuine authenticity, capturing the essence of Maui Waui.”

After a decade of producing the festival, one thing truly stands out: PEOPLE ARE AMAZING. They are beings of creativity, love, generosity, sharing, and embracing all the joys of life. Maui Waui brings together a gathering of extraordinary individuals who have become our cherished family – our closest friends and valuable partners with whom we are privileged to collaborate. This includes both recent additions and those who have been with us throughout the entire 10 years. We want you to understand how much you mean to us, to the festival, and to acknowledge that what you contribute is invaluable. Together, we share a passion for making our endeavors the absolute best they can be… And you excel in doing just that. Thank you.

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Artists and performers are the beautiful souls who create the essence of life that makes it meaningful. Maui Waui owes its existence to the passionate fire within you, which brings the show to life for the audience. The world is filled with music, comedy, talent, and charisma that deserves to be shared. Even today, my favorite aspect of organizing an arts event is witnessing this brilliance. To all those who have performed and contributed, you are all superstars, and we adore you. Xoxo.

“And none of it would hold any meaning without the incredible individuals who come to revel, unwind, and immerse themselves in the enchanting chaos. To all who have attended, purchased tickets, and brought smiles, good times, and laughter to our event – you are truly amazing, and we sincerely thank you for choosing to spend your August bank holiday with us. Please continue to join us and spread the word to your friends. Buying a ticket is the greatest contribution you can make. Despite the challenges, we consistently exceed expectations for a festival of this scale. So, please inform your friends, secure your tickets, and help us preserve the vibrancy and excellence of Maui Waui.”

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