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‘Fabulous Female Musicians’ celebrates 21 remarkable women

‘Fabulous Female Musicians’ celebrates 21 remarkable women

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For decades, female musicians have been sidelined. Fabulous Female Musicians shines a light on 21 exceptional women in music, honoring their inspiring journeys.

Award-winning author Sammy Stein interviews musicians from a variety of genres, such as jazz, classical, folk, Indian raga, and more. Through her insightful interviews, Stein highlights the remarkable contributions of these extraordinary women in the music industry, providing readers with an immersive experience into their journeys, triumphs, and challenges.

Sammy Stein, the author, conducts interviews with a diverse range of musicians from various regions. These include Evie Asio, Jamie Baum, Simone Baron, Jeanie Barton, Brigitte Beraha, Anjelica Cleaver, Collette Cooper, Amina Figarova, Ruth Goller, China Moses, Destiny Muhammad, Maggie Nicols, Zoe Rahman, Ellen Rowe, Natasha Seale, Sara Serpa, Emma Smith, Leni Stern, Rachel Sutton, CharuSuri, and Emma Rawicz. These interviews serve as a representation of the UK, Europe, the US, India, Azerbaijan, and beyond.

During the author’s conversation, these women discuss how music has influenced their lives and express their deep passion for it. They provide valuable perspectives on being professional musicians and share their experiences of overcoming obstacles, handling difficult situations, and balancing personal life, parenthood, and relationships with fellow musicians. They also highlight the evolving attitudes towards music in recent years and emphasize its empowering nature.

These musicians, each a trailblazer, have shattered barriers and ignited inspiration in many. Their stories are profoundly moving and motivating. Uncover the journey of how they discovered their instruments, triumphed over obstacles, and wholeheartedly embraced their musical passions.

‘Fabulous Female Musicians emerged from Sammy Stein’s vast network in the jazz world, enabling her to engage with artists across diverse musical realms. The outcome is a book brimming with intimate interviews, personal narratives, and profound sentiments they hold for their genre, woven together in a vibrant tapestry of experiences.’

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The book “Fabulous Female Musicians” fearlessly addresses the challenges faced by women in the music industry, including sexual assault, misogyny, and bullying. Through interviews, it reveals the obstacles these artists have overcome and their unwavering resilience. The book aims to raise awareness and foster discussions about gender equality in music. Despite the difficulties, the featured musicians remain positive and provide valuable advice for aspiring professionals. They share their distinct perspectives, making this a truly inspiring read.

Fabulous Female Musicians is a heartfelt homage to the extraordinary women who have influenced the music industry. It provides valuable guidance and practical wisdom for aspiring artists venturing into their own musical journey, making it an indispensable resource for music enthusiasts.

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