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Fatboy Slim’s ‘All Back to Minehead’ weekender returns to Butlins

Fatboy Slim’s ‘All Back to Minehead’ weekender returns to Butlins

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Butlin’s Minehead is left in awe by three days of pure magic as Fatboy Slim’s All Back to Minehead 2023 comes to a close, with echoes of beats and laughter still lingering.

During the weekender, an abundance of love, dancing, laughter, and immense fun filled the air. Attendees were delighted by exceptional dance music performed by renowned artists like Fatboy Slim, ABSOLUTE., DJ Fat Tony, Jodie Harsh, Marshall Jefferson, Mella Dee, Solardo, and others.

‘Oh My God! It’s The Church captivated the congregation with a breathtaking display, combining vocals, dance, and an exuberant church service that left sinful devotees amazed. Adding to the lineup was Jonny Rock, whose Saturday night Balearic session lasted four hours of pure jamming, while ‘Southern Fried Records’ sensations Sam Girling & Van Damn spun anthems that kept the crowd grooving.’

“Fatboy Slim expressed gratitude to all attendees, appreciating their jovial and lighthearted presence. The remarkable audience truly made this event special, and their love and support are sincerely cherished. Looking forward to reuniting in 2024. Many thanks!”

Norman Cook, also known as Fatboy Slim, hosted a meet & greet on Saturday. He later joined Matt Everitt on stage in front of a live audience for a Q&A session. During this interview, he amusingly shared anecdotes from his career, including the peculiar incident of receiving a potato in a DJ booth.

During the Q&A session, Fatboy Slim received a surprise on stage as he was awarded four GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® for his outstanding contributions to music. This recognition highlights his record-breaking achievements in the industry throughout his career. The special moment took place in front of a large audience of dedicated fans, all wearing matching t-shirts to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his album, “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.”

Sarah Story, the host of BBC Radio 1’s ‘Future Sounds,’ curated a lineup for Red’s stage on Saturday night. DJs such as Joshua James b2b Bryony Masters, Ell Murphy, Kilimanjaro, and Myd performed. Centre Stages saw performances by Sasha Gigi, Fat Tony, Woody Cook, and Riva Starr, while Jodie Harsh pumped up the crowd before Fatboy Slim’s headline set at Skyline. The Saturday night had a ‘Sexy or Stupid’ theme with activities like disco dancing class, bingo, pool parties, silent discos, and music workshops, adding to the weekend’s charm.

Back to Mine curated an incredible lineup at the Red Stage on Sunday night. Monaco, ABSOLUTE, Marshall Jefferson, Solardo, and an unforgettable grand finale left the crowd craving for more. Additionally, Pizzaman, who was revealed as Fatboy Slim, pleasantly surprised fans with an extraordinary DJ set at the pool party during the day.

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In the midst of music, fans enjoyed a harmonious blend of wellness with Rise and Shine Yoga. The London Police, this year’s artist in residence, created a live artwork takeover at the Centre Stage. RYCA, a British award-winning artist, crafted live art T-shirts and acid-themed portraits. Festival-goers could buy a limited edition Fatboy Slim Art Toy on Sunday and also find exclusive prints scattered around the festival through an ‘Acid Drop’. Additionally, the ‘Eat Sleep VR Repeat’ experience was highly praised by previous users as the best VR journey they had ever had.

Dates for All Back To Minehead 2024 have been announced as 8th – 11th November. For bookings please head to

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Fatboy Slim on tour at the following live dates if you couldn’t catch him at this year’s All Back To Minehead event:

Fatboy Slim 2024 tour dates (announced so far):

  • 14th June – Fairview Park, DUBLIN
  • 15th June – Eden Sessions, CORNWALL
  • 5th July – Castlefield Bowl, MANCHESTER
  • 6th July – Open Air Theatre, SCARBOROUGH
  • 7th July – Tofte Manor, BEDFORDSHIRE
  • 20th July – SWG3 Outdoors, GLASGOW
  • 9th August – Galway Airport, IRELAND
  • 24th August – The Piece Hall, HALIFAX
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