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Festive Delights: A Guide to England’s Top Celebrations

Festive Delights: A Guide to England’s Top Celebrations

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Like many other societies, the English people pulsate with a rich sense of history and tradition. Do you envy this society and desire to know them better? Well, you read about their rich culture at the best UK essay writing service, or tour and join in some of their festive celebrations.

The festivities in this place encompass both long-standing historical events and contemporary eccentric festivals that embody the essence of the country.

Join me as we delve into the thrilling and legendary festivities of England.

The Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival ranks among the world’s most popular street festivals, drawing in over two million attendees annually.

Arguably Europe’s biggest festival, where lively celebrants come together to revel in the region’s multicultural diversity.

The event commenced in 1966 and has since been celebrated in London’s Notting Hill neighborhood. It was acknowledged as one of the English icons in 2006.

Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes Night, observed annually on November 5th in England, is a celebration involving fireworks and bonfires. Its origin can be traced back to the events of 1605, when Guy Fawkes was discovered near the explosives that his group had placed beneath the House of Lords.

The objective was to eliminate King James 1 and his entire leadership team, but they managed to survive following Fawkes’s arrest. In commemoration, bonfires are still ignited in London today, accompanied by additional elements such as burning effigies of Mr. Fawkes.

Glastonbury Festival

The annual festival known as Glasto is akin to a pilgrimage for art and music enthusiasts. Spanning five days in the summer, this event takes place in Pilton, Somerset.

In the mid-2022 festival, a diverse lineup of top rock and pop artists shared the stage with performers in comedy, cabaret, circus, dance, theatre, and more. Notable participants included:

  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Paul McCartney
  • Billie Eilish

Glastonbury draws around 200,000 enthusiasts, and its peak was reached in 1994 when over 300,000 attendees gathered.

Most festival workers are volunteers who help raise money for charity organizations during the event.

The Chelsea Flower Show

This event is highly appreciated by nature lovers and gardeners as it showcases rare plants, amazing garden designs, and eye-catching floral arrangements.

The show’s annual attendance is approximately 157,000 people, constrained by the eleven-acre venue capacity.

Tickets are exclusively available for advance purchase. Initially running for four days, an additional day was incorporated in 2005, with the first two days reserved for members of The Royal Horticultural Society – RHS.

The flower show receives extensive coverage from top media outlets like the BBC, and select members of the royal palace attend the preview to show their support.

The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race

The renowned boat race on London’s River Thames extends the rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford universities beyond academics. This time-honored event draws spectators from both sides of the river, demonstrating their unwavering support for their respective teams.

The race began in 1829 and has been held every year except during the 1st and 2nd World Wars. It includes races for men, women, and reserve crews.

Dickensian Christmas Celebrations

These festivities are known by various names, such as the Dicken’s Fete, Dicken’s Festival, and more. They aim to recreate the Victorian English atmosphere depicted in Charles Dickens’ novels. Participants affirm that it truly captures the enchantment of a Christmas reminiscent of the era of Charles Dickens.

Fairs typically draw in:

  • participants in adorned costumes
  • musical and theatrical acts and art
  • curio arts
  • delicacies
  • drinks and beverages

In July 1897, the Reverend Mills initiated Broadstairs’ inaugural Dickens Christmas celebration.

Morris Dancing Festivals

This dance is an English folk tradition where dancers in costumes perform rhythmic steps.

The dance has been mentioned locally since 1448, making it the oldest surviving record.

Morris groups in England organize and support the Morris Festivals, utilizing various items such as cloth, swords, sticks, and other implements that align with the dance theme.

  • Morris Ring
  • Morris Federation
  • Open Morris

They hold memberships in various countries, such as Russia, Sweden, Canada, and the US.

Jack in the Green

The custom of celebrating the beginning of spring is an old English tradition with pagan roots. These festivities primarily occur in southeast London but are particularly popular in Hastings. The procession’s main highlight is a peculiarly attired man adorned with vibrant leafy plants. Typically, he is accompanied by English folk music singers and Morris dancers.

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling

The Cheese Rolling event is a distinctive and captivating occurrence on the English Calendar. Participants release a round of cheese down a hill and eagerly pursue it. It’s an intriguing yet perilous game, as some participants have suffered injuries while tumbling. This peculiar competition attracts competitors and spectators from various nations worldwide, such as Nepal, New Zealand, and the US.

Lammas Festival

Lammas is an annual Christian event observed on August 1. The term “Lammas” comes from the sharing of a loaf of bread during the sacred communion ceremony in Christian masses.

Lammas signifies the annual wheat harvest. The devout members of the church bring bread made from their harvest to receive blessings from clergy. In certain churches, the priest divides the bread into four pieces, strategically placing them in the farmer’s barn for grain protection. Additionally, congregants, led by the clergy, participate in a procession to bless workers at selected bakeries.

The Hay Festival

The Hay Festival originated in a small village on the Welsh-English border, known as a haven for book enthusiasts. Over time, this yearly event has transformed from a modest village fete into a massive literary gathering on the English calendar. Renowned authors and avid readers come together for a ten-day celebration. While it initially focused solely on literature, the festival now embraces other forms of artistic expression such as film and music.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

The Edinburg International Festival spawned as an alternative for its fans and astonishingly evolved into the world’s largest festival. With over 50,000 artists performing at various venues, it showcases talent across dance, magic, theater, cabaret, and more. The Fringe festival, held throughout August, creates a lively bohemian ambiance.

Jorvik Viking Festival

The ancient city of York takes immense pride in its history, particularly during its days as Jorvik when the Vikings ruled England. Presently, this festival draws countless visitors from around the world, solidifying its status as one of the most popular Viking events. If you have a fascination for medieval history, these festivities will undoubtedly captivate you.

See Also

  • Battle re-enactments
  • Guided walks
  • Historical crafts

You’ll also elicit uproarious laughter from events such as the Best Beard Competition.

Sidmouth Folk Festival

The UK’s renowned 7-day celebration showcases song, dance, and various art forms. It enjoys widespread popularity with more than 800 events scheduled across town in venues and streets alike.

Experience a vibrant celebration of English culture with lively roots parties, captivating dance displays, and much more. This festival showcases the essence of traditional English festivities and customs, delighting both locals and tourists alike.


Boomtown, also known as the Boomtown fair, is a thrilling festivity cherished by the English community. It serves as a stage for musicians to showcase songs inspired by British traditions and culture. In summary, the fair features:

  • vibrant performances
  • camaraderie
  • theatre

These performances are carefully crafted to immerse you in the authentic essence of Winchester.

Lost Village

This festival is specially crafted to create a surreal ambiance combined with an exhilarating festive vibe. Located in the secluded woodlands of Lincolnshire, it immerses you in a village setting that transports you to a dystopian future civilization. Discover lakeside feasts and secret food reserves nestled among the trees, all meticulously designed to offer an unparalleled and distinctive experience.

Camp Wildfire

Many travelers would eagerly participate in this unique festival, offering a delightful weekend full of genuine fun. The event extends beyond the typical camping, drinking, and dancing, introducing numerous engaging activities that you’ll be delighted to partake in.

The Camp Wildfire website showcases a wide range of over 80 activities available for participation, such as pole dancing, mountain boarding, Aerial Bungee, and more.


Shambala attracts environmentally conscious individuals who prioritize advancing the global adoption of clean energy. Alongside its eco-friendly mission, the festival features twelve music stages and hosts over 200 performing musicians. Additionally, you can anticipate:

  • Stand-up comedy
  • Circus,
  • Poetry,
  • Cabaret,
  • Talks and debates
  • Motivational speakers

This festival is adored and attracts a predominantly intellectual crowd.


This event, known as Diwali, is celebrated in India and is considered one of England’s most popular religious festivals. It features vibrant fireworks, energetic dance performances, captivating music shows, lively carnivals, and more.

Certainly, there is an abundance of delectable Indian delicacies to savor.

In Leicester, the festivities extend for a period of more than two weeks, making the celebrations particularly prominent.

Experience the essence of England by immersing yourself in its festivals, whether you’re a tourist exploring the country or a local eager to delve deeper into English culture. These vibrant celebrations offer a direct connection to the pulse of this remarkable nation. Keep in mind that there is a wealth of English festivals awaiting your discovery. Welcome to England!

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