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Only Scandi stop in 2024: Foo Fighters to play Roskilde Festival

Only Scandi stop in 2024: Foo Fighters to play Roskilde Festival

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Today, the Danish non-profit festival, Roskilde Festival, announced that Foo Fighters will have their only concert in Scandinavia next year. The festival lineup boasts over 180 acts, including renowned artists such as Kali Uchis, Romy, and PJ Harvey.

The Foo Fighters, a group of experienced US veterans, have greatly influenced modern rock music over the last three decades. Denmark’s Roskilde Festival recently revealed that on July 5, Dave Grohl and his bandmates will grace the stage, marking their sole Scandinavian performance in 2024.

Foo Fighters’ 11th album, titled But Here We Are, was released in June. The band presented it as a tribute to the transformative influence of music, friendship, and family. The album received widespread critical acclaim, praised by many for its profound and emotive exploration of personal hardships.

“According to Anders Wahrén, Program Director of Roskilde Festival, Foo Fighters have established their ability to constantly evolve and anticipate the future. Their latest album embraces difficult times and transforms them into a unifying and uplifting experience. We are excited to witness the unfolding of this communal journey at Roskilde Festival this summer.”

Many more acts to come

Roskilde Festival, taking place between June 29 and July 6, 2024, will feature over 180 music acts and welcome around 130,000 participants. Additionally, the festival provides various camping options and has its own train station onsite. Situated a mere 20 miles from Copenhagen, this non-profit event offers an unforgettable experience.

The initial lineup for Roskilde Festival 2024 was revealed last week, featuring artists such as Kali Uchis, PJ Harvey, Blondshell, Romy, Tainy, Heilung, Trueno, and Omah Lay.

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The Roskilde Festival 2024 offers a full ticket priced at DKK 2,400 (approx. €320) plus fee. Alternatively, you can purchase a one-day ticket for DKK 1,200 (approx. €160) plus fee.

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The Roskilde Festival, held since 1971, unites young people across generations through music, art, and community. Organized by the Roskilde Festival Association and powered by 30,000 volunteers, all festival proceeds go towards humanitarian, non-profit, and cultural initiatives, with a focus on supporting children and young individuals. The festival has raised around €58 million over the years for distribution.

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