Glastonbury 2022 Post Punk Spotlight – Squid!

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As a big post punk fan myself, I thought we’d take a deep dive look into the plethora of post punk bands performing at Glastonbury this year.

This will be split into separate spotlights featuring the following bands:

Squid, Dry Cleaning, Idles, Amyl and the sniffers, Sleaford Mods, Black Mid and Fontaines DC.


Right off the bat we have 5 piece Bristol based Squid. Fresh off their debut 2021 release “Bright Green Field” featuring tracks including: G.S.K., Narrator and my personal fav Pamphlets. They have graced past festivals such as Wide Awake, Truck and SXSW as well as playing at Glasto 2019.

Squid performing at Wide Awake Festival 2021.

What’s unique about Squid is that the main vocalist Ollie Judge is also the band’s drummer, supporting the theme that each member has multiple roles. The band also consists of:

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  • Louis Borlase (Guitar and vocals)
  • Anton Pears (Guitar)
  • Lauri Nankivell (Bass and Brass)
  • Arthur Leadbetter (Keyboard, Cello, Percussion)

The group started as a Soul/Funk covers band, this really shines through in a number of their songs. Each track features shouty style vocals with funky riffs which result in a sound similar to “the Coronation Street theme tune played on flutes by angry children” as they explained to NME.

Tracks to check out before the festival: Match Bet, The Cleaner, Houseplants and Pamphlets.

Squid will be playing the “Park Stage” at 16:45 on Saturday.

Stay tuned as next I will be covering Dry Cleaning.

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