How to get tickets for Glastonbury 2024

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With Glastonbury 2023 ready to welcome attendees tomorrow, more than 200,000 festival-goers, including staff and volunteers, will gather at Somerset’s Worthy Farm. While the UK’s largest festival begins, those observing from home are already contemplating ways to attend next year’s event.

Glastonbury isn’t just famous for its unbeatable line-ups and electric atmosphere. It’s also renowned for its notoriously fast-selling tickets. With the 2023 edition’s tickets selling out within an hour of release last November, and re-sale tickets disappearing in just six minutes in April, you’ve got to be on the ball.

When is Glastonbury 2024?

Although the specific dates for Glastonbury 2024 have not been announced, historically, the festival has taken place towards the end of June. Therefore, after this year’s event concludes, stay tuned for the official announcement.

How much are tickets for Glastonbury 2024?

As we anticipate confirmed prices for Glastonbury 2024, we can refer to the prices of 2023 for an indication. In the previous year, a full weekend general admission pass cost £335, with an additional £5 booking fee. During autumn ticket sales, a £50 deposit is required, followed by the remaining payment in spring, typically in early April. Those considering coach package tickets should note that the coach travel price must be paid in full along with the deposit, which can range from £40 to £150.

How and when do I register for Glastonbury 2024 tickets?

Before joining the frantic rush for tickets, there’s a crucial step: registration. This is all part of Glastonbury’s efforts to combat ticket touting, and it means your ticket will come complete with a photo of you. Head over to now to register. If you’ve registered before (and after 2010), it’s a good idea to check your registration and update your photo if it’s more than two years old. Registered before 2010? You’ll need to register again, as these older registrations have been deleted.

When will Glastonbury 2024 tickets go on sale?

Although we don’t have an exact date yet, based on previous years, ticket sales for the festival are expected to start in late October or early November 2023. Coach tickets bundled with festival passes typically go on sale first on a Thursday evening, followed by general admission tickets a few days later at 9 am on Sunday morning. If you purchase a coach package ticket, it’s important to note that you must travel on that specific coach to receive your festival tickets. Other modes of transportation, such as cars or trains, are not allowed for entry into Glastonbury if you have a coach package ticket.

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When are the ticket resales?

Missed out on getting a ticket initially? No worries. There’s typically a resale that includes tickets from people who haven’t paid their full balance by the early April deadline. Stay alert around late April 2024 for this opportunity.

When will the Glastonbury 2024 line-up be revealed?

Curious about the performers at Glastonbury 2024? Patience is key, as the complete lineup is typically disclosed closer to the event. However, organizers often release a few prominent names by the year’s end, followed by headline acts and a significant wave of artists in early spring. The full lineup is usually revealed approximately one month before the festival commences.

How can I get into Glastonbury for free?

If the ticket prices appear high or you didn’t manage to secure them during the sales, there is still a chance. Organizations like Oxfam and Wateraid require numerous volunteers. In return for your ticket, you will be required to work shifts throughout the festival. However, please note that you may be asked to pay a ticket deposit equivalent to the festival entry price. This deposit will be refunded upon completion of all your assigned shifts.

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