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Bombay Bicycle Club confirm they’ll be at Glastonbury 2024

Bombay Bicycle Club confirm they’ll be at Glastonbury 2024

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In a recent Reddit AMA, Bombay Bicycle Club confirmed their participation in Glastonbury 2024, putting an end to fan and festival-goer speculation. The London-based indie band, renowned for their vibrant and melodic sound, responded positively when directly asked about their appearance at the festival.

Responding to the user FatDelay’s question, “ARE U PLAYING GLASTONBURY 2024?”, the band’s official Reddit account replied, “You better believe it baby.” Jack Steadman, the lead vocalist, represented the band during the AMA, giving the confirmation.

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The band’s recent announcement confirms their potential Glastonbury gig, hinted at in a BBC Radio 1 interview, where they mentioned being “working on” a performance. They have a significant history with the festival, having appeared in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2014, making them well-known to the Glastonbury audience.

After a nearly six-year hiatus, the band made a comeback with their latest album, ‘Everything Else Has Gone Wrong,’ which received a positive response. Fans are eagerly awaiting the band’s live performance at Glastonbury, expressing their excitement and anticipation.

As soon as more information becomes available, additional details regarding their Glastonbury 2024 performance will be disclosed. Currently, Bombay Bicycle Club fans can anticipate the band’s dynamic live performance at this renowned global music festival.

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