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Updated daily: Every Glastonbury 2023 line-up poster on one page

Updated daily: Every Glastonbury 2023 line-up poster on one page

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Check out our comprehensive compilation of all the Glastonbury 2023 line-up posters, conveniently presented on a single page. Although the main line-up poster, unveiled in early March, provides a glimpse into Glastonbury’s offerings, it only scratches the surface. Since 2015, individual sections have released their own specific line-up posters in the weeks following the initial release. This year, the West Holts area took the lead, revealing their line-up poster on March 14th.

Last year, over 40 different line-up posters were released for the different stages and areas of the festival, and we seem to be heading for around the same amount this year. We’ve got every single poster below – but some of the biggest slots of the weekend will be one of Glasto’s 20+ secret sets.

Tickets for Glastonbury 2023 were sold on the 3rd and 6th November, around a month later than usual, and quickly sold out on both occasions. Resales of cancelled tickets took place in the spring and quickly sold out, so if you want tickets for Glastonbury 2024 you’ll need to be both lucky and prepared.

Glastonbury 2023 line-up posters

Latest main line-up poster

Glastonbury’s initial line-up poster, unveiled in early March, is merely the beginning.

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When the West Holts line-up poster came out on March 14th, the main line-up poster was updated to include some of the biggest acts from that stage. It was then updated again to remove Slowthai. We’re showing you this most recent version of the poster below, but you can still see the original here.

New overall line-up poster

Alister Seighart’s poster, recently posted on the official Glastonbury channels, pays homage to the vintage Glasto posters of yesteryears. It brilliantly presents numerous acts performing across multiple stages.

West Holts

Woodsies (former John Peel)

The Park


The Glade

Glade Stage

Glade Dome

Silver Hayes

Overall A-Z

The Levels

The Lonely Hearts Club

The Wow

The Firmly Rooted Soundsystem

Field of Avalon

Croissant Neuf

Theatre & Circus

Left Field

Deluxe Diner

Rocket Lounge

The Common




Truth Stage


Platform 23


Earache Takeover

Glasto Latino


Pilton Palais cinema

Acoustic Stage


Glastonbury 2023 Strummerville line-up poster

Mandala Stage

Poetry & Spoken Words

Block 9


NYC Downlow

Meat Rack

Genosys Sound System

Notting Hill Carnival Sound System

Rimski’s Yard

Science Futures

More Glasto’ 23 info

Other additions & site changes

  • The John Peel Stage will be renamed Woodsies. Organisers say this has nothing to do with a petition which called for the stage to be renamed because John Peel married a 15-year-old – instead, it’s part of a drive to name stages after the fields they stand in.
  • Children will be banned from the South East corner (known as the ‘naughty corner’) after 10pm each night.
  • Vodafone will replace EE as Glastonbury’s official communications partner again this year – which means they’ll be providing loads of temporary masts to make sure your internet connection still works on-site. From past experience, EE now works really well throughout the festival with only a few minor hiccups in the biggest Pyramid Stage crowds. Vodafone is also quite good, whereas 3 and o2 barely works at Glasto. It may now be the case that Vodafone has the best coverage this year, but we’d expect EE will still be good. Vodafone may also provide free wifi at select locations within the festival, open to customers of any network, and if you want to ensure online security, consider using VeePN, especially when accessing public Wi-Fi networks.
Elton John is the only artist officially confirmed for this year's Glastonbury line-up
Elton John was the first artist officially confirmed for this year’s Glastonbury line-up
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