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Where are the showers at Glastonbury 2023?

Where are the showers at Glastonbury 2023?

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If you’re a Glastonbury newcomer and have just awoken from your first night of camping, you might be curious about the location of the showers. Unfortunately, there are very few public showers at Glastonbury, so we apologize for any inconvenience.

There are limited showers in the Kidzfield area and eco-friendly showers in the Greenpeace Field. However, accessing them requires a considerable walk, potentially taking an hour round trip depending on your camp location. Additionally, expect long queues, particularly in the mornings.

Previously, Greenpeace provided numbered tickets to individuals waiting for showers. They were required to return when their number was called. Although there might be a significant wait in the morning, at least you could enjoy breakfast during that time.

If you choose to pay for a sauna like Lost Horizons, it’s likely that you’ll have access to a shower. However, if you’re volunteering, working, or in a hospitality area, you’ll probably have showers available in your campsite.

The best way to get a shower in public camping is to bring a solar shower with you next time! If you’re lucky, you might be able to buy one from a camping stall on-site, otherwise, you’ll need to get a bucket of water and do the best you can. Don’t hold people up washing under the water taps when there’s a queue!

According to Glastonbury officials, due to high water demand, the festival cannot provide a large number of public showers. However, there are a few showers located at the bottom of the Kidzfield and in the Greenpeace field for those in need. Please be prepared for potential queues when using them.

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“Alternatively, we suggest bringing a washcloth and soap for a traditional strip wash, embracing the authentic Glastonbury experience!”

While biodegradable wet wipes are popular among festival-goers, they do not qualify as truly eco-friendly. Consequently, organizers kindly request attendees to refrain from bringing them.

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