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Andy Burnham welcomes Blossoms to Kendal Calling main stage

Andy Burnham welcomes Blossoms to Kendal Calling main stage

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At Kendal Calling tonight, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, unexpectedly showed up to greet Saturday headliners and the North West’s own Blossoms on the main stage.

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, greeted Kendal Calling by saying, “How are you doing? This is the Mayor of Greater Manchester reporting for duty!”

“Is everyone okay? I’m here to make sure everything’s going well. Are you enjoying yourselves?”

“Isn’t the North West of England simply the finest place on the planet? It truly is, isn’t it?”

“Do you happen to know the current hottest spot in the North West?”

“It isn’t Liverpool…”

“It isn’t even Manchester…”

“It is Stockport!”

“Do you know the reason why Stockport is genuinely the coolest place in the North West?”

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“Ten years ago, five young men joined forces and established a band, choosing to honor their local pub with its name. A decade later, they triumphed at Glastonbury and currently occupy the coveted position of headliners at the largest festival in the North West.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for Blossoms, the finest band from Stockport and the North West! Put your hands together for Kendal Calling!”

Kendal Calling 2023 is in full swing, with thousands of music lovers enjoying the stunning scenery and sounds of Lowther Deer Park in the Lake District. The festival, which sold out for the 17th consecutive year, has a stellar line-up of acts from Thursday to Sunday.

Last night, Kasabian took the main stage as headliners, and tomorrow it will be Royal Blood’s turn. Tonight, Frank Turner will headline the second stage, while earlier today Rick Astley performed on the main stage.

A flare in the crowd at Kendal Calling 2023
Blossoms on stage at Kendal Calling
Andy Burnham on stage at Kendal Calling
Blossoms on stage at Kendal Calling
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