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63% of drivers leave a festival before they feel sober

63% of drivers leave a festival before they feel sober

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According to a recent Uswitch temporary car insurance study, alarming statistics have emerged regarding the safety of festival-goers on their way back. The study reveals that 63% of festival drivers confess to driving before feeling sober. Furthermore, 65% of attendees express concern about a friend’s alcohol consumption while driving home, and 58% of passengers report discomfort when traveling with someone else due to concerns about their sobriety.

With the Glastonbury weekend approaching, the escalating festival season highlights the pressing demand for effective measures against fatigue and alcohol-related hazards. In response, Uswitch has introduced a solution known as ‘Festival Temporary Car Insurance.’ This insurance allows sober individuals to responsibly drive their friends’ vehicles back home.

When it comes to transportation for festivals, cars are the preferred option for 47% of attendees. However, many festival-goers are often too fatigued or intoxicated to drive home safely. Uswitch’s research highlights the safety issue among festival-goers and proposes that their new insurance product could help address this problem effectively.

According to Uswitch, their ‘Festival Temporary Car Insurance’ can be arranged in as little as 30 seconds. They assert that it provides comprehensive coverage for accidents, theft, and damage. Uswitch emphasizes the ease of customization to accommodate various requirements and promotes responsible driving habits through their insurance product.

Leoni Moninska, an expert at Uswitch temporary car insurance, stated, “We understand the unique challenges festival-goers face, where fatigue or alcohol consumption can hinder their ability to drive safely. Our new Festival Temporary Car Insurance provides a convenient solution, ensuring a safe journey home while allowing people to fully enjoy the festival season.”

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Uswitch has released helpful tips for festival attendees, alongside their new product launch. It’s essential for each driver to have their own policy when using temporary car insurance. If driving multiple vehicles during the trip, a separate policy is required for each. It is recommended to book a longer policy duration than the estimated journey time.

Prior to embarking on a festival trip, it is important to make some preparations. Uswitch advises getting the car serviced and conducting essential inspections to prevent any breakdowns during the return journey. It is also advisable to pack appropriately and bring vital documents, such as a full driving license, vehicle registration document, motor insurance certificate, as well as necessary tools and equipment for the vehicle.

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