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Manchester Day: Deansgate to be transformed into seaside

Manchester Day: Deansgate to be transformed into seaside

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Deansgate will be magically turned into a stunning seaside paradise within a month, as a highlight of the renowned Manchester Day festivities on 29th July.

Manchester’s beloved and renowned Manchester Day celebrations are making a comeback in 2023, now known as Manchester Day on Holiday. Scheduled for Saturday, July 29, this event will infuse the delightful holiday atmosphere into the heart of Manchester, featuring top-notch activities that people of all ages can relish.

During summer, Mancunians anticipate enjoying beach vacations worldwide. However, on a single day, Deansgate will transform into the preferred seaside spot as part of Manchester Day on Holiday. From 9am to 6pm, it will offer a bustling day of amusement and will be accessible to all residents for this special occasion.

On July 29th, come to the city center and experience a vibrant seaside atmosphere without leaving the M60. Join us for a day filled with traditional fun, including a helter skelter, cabin crew performances, sand sculptures, and more. Don’t forget to bring your deckchairs and enjoy the festivities!

The festivities at Deansgate will include lively performances on the main stage by several talented local artists, setting the perfect atmosphere for an enjoyable afternoon of dancing.

The Council is collaborating with Walk the Plank, the Creative Partner, to reimagine the beloved Manchester Day celebrations. Rather than a typical parade, participants can immerse themselves in various activities, entertainment, music, and dance at different locations throughout the city center. From 12 noon to 9 pm, the city center will pulsate with exciting and unexpected experiences. Stay tuned for further updates in the upcoming weeks.

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“Councillor Pat Karney, Chair of Manchester Day, invites you to save the date on your calendars for July 29th and experience Manchester as the ultimate holiday destination. While some claim that Manchester lacks a beach, that won’t be the case for much longer!”

“We have a range of exciting and unexpected events lined up for this year, including a seaside experience right in the heart of the city. Stay tuned for more surprises as we can’t wait to share them with you!”

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