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Michael Bibi announces Finsbury Park homecoming show

Michael Bibi announces Finsbury Park homecoming show

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Michael Bibi, the renowned International DJ, Producer, and founder of Solid Grooves label, is making a comeback in 2024. His highly anticipated tour, ‘One Life,’ will feature a remarkable homecoming show at London’s Finsbury Park on Saturday, July 6th. This electrifying event is set to be the largest electronic show ever held in the capital, with a staggering capacity of 45,000.

‘In a momentous year, Bibi courageously confronted and conquered CNS Lymphoma, an uncommon type of brain and spinal cancer. In December of the previous year, he joyfully disclosed his cancer-free status following rigorous treatment. Now, in 2024, he eagerly looks forward to commemorating life and music alongside fans worldwide, expressing profound appreciation for the immense support he received throughout his arduous journey.’

The tour’s main attraction will be an impressive outdoor show at London’s Finsbury Park. While the complete lineup remains undisclosed, fans can anticipate this to be the summer’s grandest electronic show in the capital.

Bibi expressed enthusiasm about his homecoming, stating, “After the immense support and love I received during my cancer treatment, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to give something back to my hometown.”

The One Life tour not only signifies his comeback on the global stage but also aims to support multiple cancer charities, including The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. This charity backs The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, where Bibi underwent his treatment. Donations to the charity can be made while purchasing tickets for the tour.

According to Vicky Johnson, the Associate Director of Public Fundraising and Engagement at The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, Michael’s generous support for the charity through his upcoming London show is greatly appreciated. The funds raised will aid the charity’s dedicated team in delivering exceptional treatment and care, as well as driving vital research for new cancer treatments worldwide.

Over 200,000 sign-ups have been recorded so far, indicating a high demand for tickets. Fans are encouraged to set alarms and sign up for presale tickets to secure an exclusive purchasing link starting at 9am (GMT) on Friday, January 26th.

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One Life presented by Michael Bibi on Saturday, July 6th, 2024. Additional acts to be announced by Michael Bibi.

Event Details: Finsbury Park, Haringey, London, N4 1EE / Hours: 12pm-10:30pm / Age Requirement: 18+ (Challenge 21 enforced, valid photo ID necessary).

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