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Shindig Festival announces its dress up theme for 2024

Shindig Festival announces its dress up theme for 2024

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The dress up theme for the highly anticipated Shindig Festival (May 23-28, 2024) has been unveiled as “Magical Creatures.”

The Shindig crowd seizes this chance to embellish themselves with sparkles, flaunt flamboyantly, and gracefully move around the stunning venue. Taking place at the exquisite Dillington Estate in Ilminster, Somerset, this event will mark its impressive tenth anniversary in grand fashion.

The possibilities for stretching imaginations are endless. Imagine pink feathers and hidden secrets like the flamingocrow or the shimmering Dragonfly Mouse. Would you be brave enough to embrace a Hedgehogbear? Soar through the night with the majestic Unicornowl or flaunt your splendor as a Peacocksquirrel. Let your imagination run wild – there’s no limit to what you can create!

Additionally, Shindig was praised by Emily Eavis, the organizer of Glastonbury, as a viable option for individuals who were unable to secure tickets.

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The lineup for 2024 will be revealed in January.

Clarke, the Festival Director, expresses excitement for the upcoming event. Alongside fresh headliners, beloved acts from the past decade will return. The festival will showcase outstanding UK art installations and offer abundant family-friendly activities. Additionally, captivating circus and cabaret shows will be featured. Music enthusiasts should not miss out on this extraordinary year.

Tickets are on sale now from

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