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Sister Midnight launch community radio station SMFM

Sister Midnight launch community radio station SMFM

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Sister Midnight, the not-for-profit co-operative organisation based in South East London, announces the launch of Sister Midnight FM (SMFM), an online community radio station, with a unique focus on SE London and the same strong commitment to community benefit and inclusivity that is the foundation of Sister Midnight. Available to listen here:

Sister Midnight has been advocating for Lewisham’s inaugural community-owned music venue since 2021. Their efforts have paid off this year with the acquisition of a 10-year lease in Catford (see details below). They are currently working on converting the space into a grassroots venue that prioritizes accessibility, inclusivity, and community welfare.

Sister Midnight FM is an integral part of Sister Midnight’s plan to serve as a cultural incubator for South East London. The station aims to promote artistic growth, showcase new work, and enhance engagement in the local music scene, particularly for individuals facing obstacles to physical involvement. Our radio shows will feature diverse musicians, community groups, DJs, historians, activists, and more. SMFM welcomes the local community to contribute their ideas and aspirations for the station. Anyone can apply for a broadcast slot, join the radio team, or provide their opinions.

Today, SMFM begins its journey featuring performances by Laani, DJ Gilla, Selextorhood Collective, Last Nubian, Rohan Rakhit, Deptford Northern Soul Club, All Centre, Deptford Ravens Football Team, the Lewisham Anti-Raids Group, Unit 137, Shovel Dance Collective, Village Cuts, and numerous other talented musicians, artists, and storytellers.

As the venue nears completion for the public’s arrival, Sister Midnight will start constructing a physical studio that will serve as the central hub of the station going forward. This studio will be seamlessly integrated into the venue, evolving and expanding alongside its growth and development.

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“Sister Midnight FM presents an exciting array of opportunities to engage and expand the Sister Midnight community. This holds true not only during our current phase of establishing a new music venue but also in the future when we become fully operational. We eagerly anticipate the station’s growth and look forward to providing a platform for local individuals to express their creativity alongside us!” – Lenny Watson

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