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Survival Guide for the Festival Goer

Survival Guide for the Festival Goer

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Whether you’re a festival newbie or a seasoned veteran, there’s always space for valuable advice on maximizing your experience. These tips aim to simplify your life and ensure you have an unforgettable time. While festivals can be challenging and messy, armed with these suggestions, you’ll be well-prepared to have the time of your life.

UK Music reported that music pulls in over 14 million tourists and £6.6 billion of spending, making the live music industry extremely valuable. Meanwhile, Skiddle reported that 1.3 million festival tickets were sold in 2023, indicating a clear demand.

If you’re planning for an upcoming festival, here are a few factors to keep in mind while packing and making last-minute preparations.

What are the festival essentials?

Consider these essential items you must-have:

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  • Tickets: An obvious thing for your list but easily forgotten, make sure you have either a physical copy or a fully charged phone to present your ticket digitally.
  • Identification: You’ll likely be ID’d upon entry, so make sure you have yours at the ready.
  • Cash: These days, most festivals are cashless, however it’s always worth having cash just in case. There might be a particular food truck or stall that takes cash, plus it can help you budget. Alternatively, you could transfer a set amount onto one card and use that as a way of budgeting. Either way, make sure you have money to spend.
  • Power bank or solar power charger: While some festivals have charging stations, it’s wise to bring your own form of charge to avoid queues.

The cleaning essentials:

While cleanliness can be a deterrent for some people during festivals, especially when camping, these items will assist you in managing it:

  • Hand sanitiser: Access to sinks may be limited and especially once the portaloos get less appealing as the festival goes on. Carry hand sanitiser at all times so you can routinely get rid of any germs.
  • Travel toothbrush: You can get travel toothbrushes that fold away, saving you extra space in your bag.
  • Full body XXL wipes: Body wipes can be a great option if you want to freshen up but don’t want to queue for the shower. It’s a case of embracing the festival way of life!

The things you may not have thought about

Consider these factors: it’s important to prepare for the practical aspects of festivals that may not be as glamorous.

  • The walk: Most festivals are spread across huge areas of land, which means that the walk to your campsite of choice can be gruelling. To help with this, consider rucksacks over suitcases and don’t forget about the additional food, drink, sleeping bags, chairs and tents you’ll likely have to carry. Take time to plan out how you can pack these items so that your walk is a little bit easier.
  • Getting there: While some festivals run shuttle buses, others might prefer to drive so that they have more flexibility. If you plan to go as a large group, you might want to consider driving a van and getting temporary van insurance so that you can fit in all your belongings.
  • Where you pitch is key: Choose the location of your tent strategically. The UK weather can be very unpredictable so factor this in. Generally pitching on a flat area of ground at the top of a hill will work well. Avoid pitching too near the toilets, but also avoid being too far away. Securing early bird tickets will give you the best chance of choosing the ideal spot.
  • Your valuables: Leave any valuables at home as you won’t have the same level of security when camping. Hidden compartments in bags can be useful, but ideally, you should always keep valuable items on you in a bum bag.
  • Lighting: Camping can be tricky once the sun goes down, which is why it’s helpful to bring a torch. You could even opt for a headlamp.
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