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Berlin fetish crew Symbiotikka are coming to Amnesia

Berlin fetish crew Symbiotikka are coming to Amnesia

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Playing this immersive, rave-fuelled and hedonistic showcase will be Stella Bossi, Luca Donzelli and Space 92. A sexy dress code is encouraged and all inhibitions must be left at the door as there is a strict no camera or video policy. Get your tickets for this unique island debut here

Symbiotikka, a renowned sex-positive rave event in Germany, has been captivating audiences at Berlin’s KitKat Club for over six years. This high-class techno extravaganza unites partygoers from around the globe, offering an open and accepting atmosphere that embraces individual expression, freedom, and sexual diversity.

Amnesia welcomes the enchantment of magic, inviting dancers to delve into their deepest fantasies without judgment. A captivating blend of seductive techno and minimal beats resonates through the club’s renowned sound system, accompanied by state-of-the-art audio-visual production.

This party has a strict dress code that encourages artistry and embraces a sex-positive atmosphere, including a playroom. The organizers emphasize self-expression through unconventional attire, such as fetish, loud, metal, rubber, leather, latex, kinky, shrill, colorful, nude, masked, mysterious, artsy, pure rave, and free styles. Traditional clothing like tracksuits, regular jeans, everyday wear, all-black outfits, and sweatpants should be avoided. Cameras are prohibited to ensure privacy.

Stella Bossi, a renowned figure in the party scene, leads the way and orchestrates the proceedings. As a fervent advocate of techno and owner of The Beat Must Fuck record label, she has left her mark on every prominent club and festival, consistently mesmerizing the dance floor with her distinctive sounds. Sharing the stage is Space 92, a highly successful techno artist responsible for numerous chart-topping hits. This pioneering French producer currently stands as one of the most sought-after acts in the industry. Lastly, we have Luca Donzelli, a legendary figure from Amnesia, showcasing an extensive repertoire of house and techno styles.

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