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The Prodigy cancel long-awaited Boomtown set

The Prodigy cancel long-awaited Boomtown set

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Band member Maxim’s back injury has led to The Prodigy’s withdrawal from headlining Boomtown on Sunday night.

Although there were rumors of their appearance almost every year, this highly anticipated set would have marked their debut at the festival.

Since 2022, Boomtown has typically withheld the lineup until just days before the festival commences. However, an exception was made in early July when The Prodigy was announced beforehand.

Boomtown organisers have said they’re trying to rearrange Prodigy for next year’s event and working to update Sunday night’s line-up. Any updates will be posted in the Woov app for the festival.

The band announced on social media today that they regretfully have to cancel their upcoming headline festival shows at Dreambeach (ES) and Boomtown (UK). This decision was made under doctor’s orders, as Maxim is recovering from a temporary back injury.

“The band recognizes the gravity of this decision and extends their apologies to all fans who have made travel arrangements for these shows. We will provide timely updates on his recovery and upcoming performances.”

Boomtown organizers regret to inform you that The Prodigy will no longer be able to perform at Boomtown 2023.

“Due to a back injury and medical advice, Maxim is currently unable to perform, which is disappointing for both us and the band. We understand that you share our sentiments. Our team is actively striving to bring this iconic band to Grand Central for Boomtown 2024. In the meantime, we extend our love to Maxim and hope for his swift recovery.”

“We are making changes to our Sunday programming, and we want to assure you that we are actively addressing this. Please refer to the woov app for updates. Thank you for your understanding. With much love and respect, Boomtown.”

Yesterday, rumors spread throughout the Boomtown campsites that The Prodigy might have to cancel their performance due to a COVID infection. Initially, we were skeptical as false rumors about headliners being canceled often circulate in the early days of a festival. Unfortunately, it appears that although the cause was different, this time the rumors turned out to be true.

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