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Welsh post-hardcore group Casey reveal new single

Welsh post-hardcore group Casey reveal new single

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Casey, the renowned Welsh post-hardcore band, has revealed their latest single ‘Selah’. This track serves as the final teaser for their upcoming album, ‘How to Disappear’, set to be released on January 12th via Hassle Records.

Pre-order How to Disappear and stream ‘Selah’ here:

According to vocalist Tom Weaver, Liam Torrance named the song “Selah.” Although unfamiliar with the word at first, Weaver believes it suits the song perfectly. “Selah” is an expression found frequently in the Psalms and is believed to be a liturgical or musical direction, possibly signaling a voice raise or indicating a pause.

“For the majority of my life, my relationship with religion has been tumultuous. While I typically identify as an agnostic, there have been instances of desperation where I sought solace from a higher power.”

“I believe that religion can offer a strong sense of belonging and community at its best, but it can also be used to evade personal responsibility at its worst. During times of crisis, I have frequently found myself questioning, ‘If you truly exist, why am I experiencing this?'”

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“‘Selah’ expresses this question through illustrations from my personal experiences—near-death encounters or instances of inexplicable pain that seem out of place under the watchful eye of a benevolent higher power.”

‘Selah’ follows Casey’s previous singles ‘Bite Through My Tongue‘ and album title track, which have seen huge radio support from Jack Saunders (Future Artists), Nels Hylton (Future Alternative), Daniel P Carter (Rock Show), Alyx Holcombe (Introducing Rock) on BBC Radio 1; Kerrang!, Rock Sound, Upset, and many more.

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